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StMo is a design lab, a place of experimentation and Bacchanalia.

Generative art

I liked to experiment with generative processes. I used mainly JavaScript and Python. Sadly, virtual money lovers have been poisoning the community and ruining genuine interest in this domain.


Musiverse_001 is a music generator. It creates random phrases for three instruments (bass, chords and solo) using a key, a mode and a minor mode type if minor mode is selected.

Musiverse_001 (2020)

Paint job

Paint job is querying a random image from Lorem Picsum service and uses painterly rendering algorithm developed by Aaron Hertzmann to process the image.

Paint job (2020 - c. 2021) Lorem Picsum Painterly rendering algorithm

Beers and cocktails

As the simple act of drinking can sound too alcoholic to some, let us review the creation processes for brewing beers and mixing delicious cocktails.

Brewing log Cocktails log


The website design was inspired by Gemini project "Gemtext".

More information about the Gemini project


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